Bach, Cabins & Sleepouts

NZ made portable cabin and sleepout kits

When you want a bit more space at home or your Bach, a kitset cabin or sleepout gives you all the room you need quick smart. Our quality NZ made kitset cabins and kitset sleepouts are available to buy direct and promptly transported to your door. Straightforward to assemble with no specialist building skills required, you’ll be enjoying your new outdoor cabin or sleepout in next to no time.

Constructed from durable and attractive timber materials, with a range of door and window options, you can be sure your kitset cabin or sleepout from Kitset Buildings is built to last. So you’ll be enjoying that extra outdoor space for many years to come.

21SQM CABIN - Teaser Image


Footprint size: 7m (W) X 4.2m (D)
Inside: 7m (W) X 3m (D)
Height: 2.7m - 2.9m to apex
Deck: 7m X 1.2m

Price: $14,995.00 + GST Special Price

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30SQM Cabins - Teaser Image

30SQM Cabins

Inside: 8.3m (W) X 3.6m (D) or 7m (W) x 4.25m (D)
or 9m (W) x 3.3m (D) or 6m (W) x 5m (D)
Height: 3.2H at apex
Deck: Half-length of Cabin X 1m
Eaves: 300mm
Pictures 5-8 are interior with lining and insulation.

Price: Starting from $30,995 + GST

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The General’s Cabin - Teaser Image

The General’s Cabin

The General's Cabin is the newest addition with a loft! Maximizing the limited space that is available.
Footprint: 3m (W) x 4.9m (D)      
Internal: 3m (W) x 3.4(D)
Height: 3.4- 3.5 to apex

Price: $8,895 + GST

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Trendz Cabin B - Teaser Image

Trendz Cabin B

Footprint size: 6m (W) X 4m (D)
Inside: 6m (W) X 3m (D)
Height: 2.7m - 2.8m to apex
Deck: 6m X 1m

Price: $13,200 + GST

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Colonial Cabin / Sleep-out - Teaser Image

Colonial Cabin / Sleep-out

Footprint 5m(W) x 4m(D)x 2.3H
Deck: 5m x 1m
Inside: 5m(W) x 3m(D)
Windows and Door positioned where you want them.

Price: $10,500 + GST

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