Kitset Dog Kennels and Chicken Coops

NZ made flat pack kennels, aviaries, hutches, runs and more

Keep your animals safe and secure with these quality kitset dog kennels, chicken coops and aviaries. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, simply choose a pre-designed kitset kennel or coop to suit, or ask us to custom design something that meets your needs.

We’ll deliver your chosen kitset dog kennel or chook house direct to your door, where you’ll be able to assemble it in next to no time by following our straightforward instructions – no special building skills required.

All our kitset dog kennels, chicken coops, aviaries, hutches and runs are constructed from quality timber materials, and built to stand the test of time.

Chook House A - Teaser Image

Chook House A

Price: From $650 + GST

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Chook House B - Teaser Image

Chook House B

Price: From $1,600 + GST

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Chook / Cat Houses - Teaser Image

Chook / Cat Houses

Price: Request a quote

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Dog Kennels - Teaser Image

Dog Kennels

View our range of dog kennels. You can use the building reference number to help with any enquiries and requesting a quote.

Price: From $595 + GST

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Goat House - Teaser Image

Goat House

Price: From $495 + GST

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Animal Shelters - Teaser Image

Animal Shelters

Price: Request a quote

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